The NAST Russia executive protection special foreign basic course.

For training and test purposes since 1996 The NAST founded its own Close Protection Academy. For foreign students there is a possibility to attend a Close Protection Universal 12 days course in Russia (Moscow, Samara, Saint Petersburg or Kaliningrad) or in Ukraine (Odessa - Black sea shore). This bodyguard course is completely differ from standard CP courses worldwide. Its syllabus based on the traditional KGB experience multiply by nowadays CP strategy and tactic achievements. By special request in course syllabus could be included enhanced counter-snipers practice drills with unique optical equipment.

The NAST Academy has been the National Bodyguard Association of Russia's own Training Department since 1995. All preceptors have practical experience of bodyguarding through all VIP levels from owners of companies to presidential security teams (USSR KGB 9 th Department and Presidential Security Service of Russia).

Basic training facilities are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Specialized fields such as Paramedicine, Ethic, IED/ESD sweep, CQB, etc are located in different cities and cooperate with the state education and research units. The Academy operates on the same theoretical basis - a result of practical experience. The main task of The Academy is training and professional testing for practical skills. The best way to do it is to create extreme situations and compare testing results with the best ever shown. We call this test The NAST Challenge Cup. This year the fifth Challenge Cup will be held in Saint - Petersburg under the auspices of the Academy.

The NAST Academy special foreign basic course.

Our bodyguard teams have taken part in following official bodyguard competitions:

1995 (Stuttgart, Germany)

1996 (Sant-Petersburg, Russia)

1997(Bologna , Italy)

1998 (Yalta, Ukraine)

1999 (London, UK)

2000 (Oslo, Norway)

The NAST Challenge Cups:

2000 (Saint Ц Petersburg)

2001 (Nizhny Novgorod)

2002 (Voronezh)

2003 (Krasnoyarsk)

2004 (Saint Ц Petersburg)

2005 (Novokuznetsk)

2006 (Nijny Novgorod)

2007 (Ekaterinburg)

The Worldwide bodyguard league Tours

2001-2005 (Stockholm - "Viking Tours")

2003 (Kishinev Ц "Balkan Tour")

Balkan tour, teams. Balkan tour, Moldova.

During our courses you will learn exactly what attitudes to take in various situations.

Through real-live exercises and scenarios you will learn how to deal with all types of threat issues, obstacles, attitudes and altercations in the most effective manner possible, exactly how we act in Russia Ц the tightest place for bodyguards in the world.

All courses are organized according to the "1:3 principle". It means that one third of the course time should be used as practice. You get the unique opportunity to feel for yourself what it is like in a real Russian environment. We have possibly the largest video library Ц over 36 hours specialized bodyguard/security tapes. You can order video, CD version or even the English version of the course manual for your own purposes by special order through EURONAST office. You can also order and buy some traditional NBAR merchandise with The NAST logo - T-shirts, caps, pins, tie clips, mugs etc. One-day tourist/shopping tour can be included in your course time under advance request.

Along with the theory and practice you'll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the very latest achievement in security technology - countersnipers and any optical subjects ( including hidden micro cameras) detection device, protective electronics, medical standards, and much more...

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