Executive protection global standard.

As part of the global standard bodyguards NAST Russia has developed a system of fixing the level of work with which bodyguards protected VIPs.


The purpose of this system is to establish a standard scheme to evaluate the level at which a bodyguard has to work in the composition of a team.

The system is simple and intuitive.

The index consists of two values, and numerical letter. We use the Latin alphabet as an international standard. The first category refers to a protected person, the second - the number of employees for his/her protection at night or on a visit.

I - international, additional index that is used when dealing with foreign guests, or if the level of business reaches world level.

Categorie A  (Moyenne).
Cette categorie est compose dhommes daffaires se deplacant dans leur region ou leur pays.

Categorie B (Banquiers). Banking (banking business).
Protection de personnes travaillant dans le monde de la finance.

Categorie C (Commerce).
  Mise a disposition de service de securite pour tout homme daffaire categorie A se deplacant hors de leur pays.

Categorie D (Celebrites - dignitaires).
Securite de stars du  show-business, cinema, musique.
Les VIP les plus riches et celebres du monde.
Juges, avocats, reporters.

Protection de PDG

Categorie E (PDG, Decideurs.)
Protection de PDG, decideurs, de multinationales ayant une grande influence dans les decisisions economiques mondiale de protection pour des personnes appartenant aux gourvernements

Categorie G  (Gouvernements).
Mise a disposition de service de protection pour des personnes appartenant aux gourvernements . Protection des personnes lors de leur visites d'Etat en relation avec les services speciaux.

Thus bodyguard could write in his record simply indexes, and dates of work, without specifying a particular protected person.


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