Bodyguard Association of Russia. NAST.

The National bodyguard association of Russia was established in Moscow on December 20th 1995 by retired KGB 9th Directorate “Kremlin-9” - today's FSO - (Presidential security service) officers. For more than 12 years The NAST has been the sole professional bodyguard organization, which is working to establish and control a Personal Protection professional approach in Russia.

Executive Protection and Risk analysis.

Headed by The NAST Russia President Dmitry N. Fonareff, retired KGB 9th Directorate HQ senior officer, the association united 27 regional offices from Kaliningrad (Baltic Sea) to Vladivostok (Pacific ocean).  Генерал ДеГоль и советская охрана

All of The NAST regional offices are involved in private security activity. More than 25 licensed private security companies united in NAST security network to provide a vast majority of basic security services:

  • personal and executive protection
  • advance solutions 
  • bodyguard & personal protection  (armed & unarmed)
  • personal & corporative due diligence 
  • traveling & event security solutions
  • advance consultancy & business surveillance
  • armored vehicles & luxury car service
  • security consulting

Being formed 10 years ago NAST network is allowed to provide armed and unarmed protective service and risk analysis according to current law. Thus, simultaneously NAST Russia can supply up to 1500 bodyguards locally. Summary security personnel of our network exceed 2400 persons.Охрана главы государства

All security services for foreign customers controlled from Moscow by The NAST Headquarters. All necessary consultations for business support can be provided locally.

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NAST corporative structures under the same name are running in:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Germany
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa

Security Service and Dignitary Protection in Russia.

NAST primary task is to help anyone who is concerned with tight situations while traveling in Russia. We provide 24 hours consulting and practical EP & CP support.

Executive protection is a term applied to individual or group of individuals visiting Russia as Company Executives with certain agenda supported by their russian partners/affiliates/representatives/body guards.

Personal protection is a term applied to individuals who are traveling in Russia with private, business or tourist purposes.Without bodyguard or security staff. This visit, as a rule, is not supported by someone in Russia.

In case of CP (close protection) or EP (executive protection service) request, to make our business communication completely effective, please, supply out team with the following information:

- arrival/departure dates with flight details
- 24 or fact (non 24) hours  of protection
- how many security personnel (armed or unarmed) do you expect for certain visit
- accommodation details (hotel/residence)
- car/vans requirements
- main places of interest/events/attendance

This information will be used to set a budget plan.

Nota Bene. All information received will be held in the strictest of confidentiality. Click this link for more instructions.


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