Executive Protection offer for foreign businessman and security operatives.

Executive protection is a term applied to individual or group of individuals visiting Russia as Company Executives with certain agenda supported by their russian partners/affiliates/representatives/body guards.

Personal protection is a term applied to individuals who are traveling in Russia with private, business or tourist purposes.Without bodyguard or security staff. This visit, as a rule, is not supported by someone in Russia.


National Bodyguard Association (NAST) of Russia.

How it works in Russia:

Due to the current law still there is no executive protection activity in Russia at all.
We are working as professional with according to the gentlemen agreement. We are recognize as private persons you are dealing with.

12 years in 27 regions of Russia we are performing our task, keeping the highest Executive Protection standards, established by the legendary KGB 9th Department at the beginning of the last century.

Chief Executive Officer Hector de J. Ruiz, Ph.D. Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer (AMD Corp.) Moscow visit 10/2006

Before you make a final decision, let us inform you of a few facts about the Russia Executive Protection reality:
Price for an average bodyguard for a foreign client is Euro 15-25 per hour. This money you pay to a private security firm which supplies you with an unknown person who rarely speaks English. We charge Euro 40 per hour, because we are well above the average.
Any price is stated according to the current situation. Final price is subject to discussion after we get a fully confirmed agenda (schedule) and dignitary protection time is determined.

Minimum daily time is 8 hours (plus one extra hour for travel to the previously agreed location (hotel, flat, airport, etc.), if EP team is not working 24 hours).

There are no extra charges if EP Team is working by hours, but if they are busy for 24 hours client must pay for accommodation (hotel and breakfast) and all traveling expenses if the VIP has a long trip.


As a rule we do preliminary security task according to agenda. We have to know all of the agenda locations to check out routes, parking places, access conditions, liaison persons, medical support, surveillance, risk analysis etc. Usually it costs about Euro 800 per visit and depends on client's visit details.

Konstantin  Tszyu NAST Executive Pritection team with Konstantin Tszyu, World boxing champion.

- If you plan a group visit let us know how many VIPs must be protected.
- If there is just group -let us advise how many EP persons are required.

Best way to do it, is to give our contact details to your security staff to solve all questions in time and in proper manner.
If you have host person/company let them contact us immediately to coordinate security section for your oncoming visit.

Form and way of payment is a subject to be determined. Due to the current law still there is no executive protection activity in Russia at all.

We are working as professional according to a gentleman’s agreement. We are recognize as private persons you are dealing with.

Security Service and Dignitary Protection in Russia.

If you or your potential client plan to use an Executive protection team (or individual) in Russia, please note the following circumstances:
Russian way to set market "security logistic" is far different from Western.

Our EP market is "closed" for individuals due to current law. I.e. no individual even well trained and experienced, can't "promote" himself as an EP specialist. All of them are working through licensed security companies which allowed rendering service with firearms. Note, you can't get a proper contract for EP procedure - law says that guard with a pistol is allowed to protect you property (watches, wallet, diamond ring, telephone etc.), not your body.

There are two types of security companies in Russia:
Private security enterprise (it sounds like "Chop") and Security Service (for companies only). In any case you will deal with the first.
So, most Russian VIPs has his own armed protection team from a private security company. They get what they are allowed to get. Because the company try to pleased their client ASAP and practically have no chances to choose the proper staff for this job.

We think, that is why only 10-15% of the staff is properly trained for their VIP money. And trained guys are working for their boss only. Security companies do not spend any money for staff training due to absence of necessity. Their clients believe that staff is trained and experienced. If client is not satisfied he can pay for training from his own pocket. If he asks for substitution, he gets the same level...

One more thing - company charge you some sum for executive protection service. In the best circumstances the bodyguard who will work with VIP, gets a half of it...

Moscow club

All above is said to describe for you situation around "trained bodyguards" that you usually ask for. You never get good guy from a Security Company because best bodyguards are already working for permanent clients.

As for foreigners - you got what is left. This is the situation most "temporary" clients are face with.

As for cars the situation is very equal: no security company has VIP limo for a client. Permanent clients have their own cars, but there are practically no temporary orders... They use a limo company and rarely rental agency. This is normal for Russia.

Usually Limo Company leases a car with their own driver to avoid a risk of car crash or any road incidents. Their driver is responsible for that.

If anybody would like to leases a car for himself - he has to sign a hip of papers and pay a lot for unexpected situation.

For security business it makes no sense. If something happens - they have practically to pay for a new car...

Of course, limo companies have no security trained drivers. Such drivers are working for security companies. But there are much more English spoken drivers in limo companies than in security...

And that is why we always do security logistic only according to a real agenda. We ask few questions and inform the way we deal and price we charge.

It is practically useless to advertise how many personnel and what  kind of cars we have.

English spoken EP guy is unique in Russia. There are a lot of vacancies for this kind of person in business companies and salary is much higher than in the security business.

References: Top security personnel of MICROSOFT, AMD.

Limo service for travelling, tourism and executive protection.

Dear colleagues, clients and friends to be sure how the limo service works in Russia we have to accept these following rules:
Limo service is different from the common taxi.

Limo car must be booked three-four days in advance to be certain.

So, preferably they need full working hours to plan their business. It is not a secret that they use the same car for another job even is it booked by one client if they have even two free hours...

So their basic conditions for the majority of Moscow companies are:
Limo delivery - 1 extra hour.
Minimum booking time - 6 hours. (Including extra hour) Transfer to any airport - 4 hours. (Including extra hour) In SPb this is 3 hours (Pulkovo airport).

Note, if you book a car not for transfer, but to drive to airport they add extra hour to existing hours.

If there is a trip outside Moscow (across the ring road) - there is per mile payment.

At the end of the job overtime starts after 15 minutes.

It means that if we book a limo we have to pay at least for 4 hours if there is transfer and 6 hours if there is a city trip. Practically we can't refuse to use limo if this car was booked. For them it means a loss of income. That is the primary difference from taxi service.
From the beginning of this year for our primary partner to get payment by credit card is not suitable due to financial control regulations. For the future we have to add 15% if we will pay by credit card.

We also have a possibility to book armored BMW (new or old body) B7. Prices depend on visit conditions and personal dealing.

Basic taxi price in Moscow is Euro 25 per hour.

Sheremetjevo - Moscow transfer is from Euro 100 Domededivo - Moscow transfer is from Euro 130 those prices depends on destination location.armored vehicles with driver

Limo - Euro 60 per hour with driver.
Volvo S80 - Euro 40-45 per hour with driver.
Mercedes Viano-Vito - Euro 50 per hour with driver Mercedes Sprinter minibus (17 seats) - Euro 50 with driver.

Please note, for us it is not suitable to rent a car and do our job due to business particulars.

Practically there are no good English speaking drivers in common car companies.


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